Checklist tool

Free checklists and PDF reporting

No login needed

iPhone & Android app

Download the optimized app, which has a size on 1 MB with native speed and integrated camera.

When you have installed the app, your can manage the app offline and anywhere.

Generate beautiful PDF-reports with all your photos and notes, and send them by email to anyone.

Fast and efficient

Our inspection tool runs 100% on your device - no data is transferred = no waiting time.

Just hit the new observation button and your camera will start. Take picture, draw some arrows on it, write a description and save.

Add as many checklist as you need. There are no limits on the number of checklist or items.

Add new item to checklist


To get started you just need to download the app to your phone - iPhone or Android.

When you have downloaded the app, you just need to add a project, a checklist and that start checking!

Picture and text

When adding a new observation you only need to take a picture and write a note.

All you observations will be shown in a pretty report with your notes and pictures.

Add new item to checklist