CxPlanner's integrated Gantt tool

Planning is key

Scheduling is the key to a successful project. When the projects deadline is established all the activities preceding needs scheduling.

CxPlanner's Gantt tool enables you to ensure a structured planning of all the activities in the project.

Besides helping you to plan all the activities it does also contain a resource management tool, which let you see how much work each project participant has.

Manage your full test schedule for all installations and ensure they are ready for commissioning tests.

Gantt view

Gantt overview


Assign all the dependencies you know from Microsoft MS Project.

Use Start-to-Finish, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish and Finish-to-Start to block and force the scheduling of individual tasks.

Move your mouse above a task and all the dependencies will light up in bright red to show where they go.

Right click on a task to open the detailed view and see the lag and lead dates for the tasks.

Resource Management

Gantt resource management

Dynamic updating

All tasks in the Gantt view are dynamic and can be changed by dragging and dropping.

Move the tasks in time by simply dragging them around. It is also possible to rearrange their position.

You can track the progress of the individual tasks and see how much work each person on the project has done and needs to do.

Click on the hourglass to show the resource management overview. All companies and persons on the project is included, and their work on the project tasks are shown.

Zoom to hours

Gantt hourly overview

Planning blocks

When adding and editing task you will be using CxPlanner's core task tool. This will ensure that the tasks created in the Gantt view is also visible in the other views.

You can drag a task onto another task to make a planning block. This will create a planning block, where you can move all tasks by dragging the parent block.

Use the add button inside the Gantt overview to auto create a task below another task. This will automatically create a planning block for you.

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