A highlight of features in CxPlanner


Unlimited projects

Add and manage an unlimited number of projects in the platform. Archive a project, when it's done.


Adjust and personalize all the meta-data attached to a project. This includes the name, construction year, etc.

3D viewer

Use our in-browser 3D-viewer. Upload your IFC model and our optimized algorithms ensures, that you can view them on your mobile without lagging.

3D models

Combine multiple IFC 3D models into 1 single model - activate or deactivate the individual layers.

Push Notifications

Native notifications on your devices. Detailed toggling of just the notifications you need.

Online & Offline

You can work in the platform even when you are offline. Create new tasks, take photos, edit task - it will all be uploaded when you are online again.

Project status

Mark the project as Open, Closed, Archived or as a template. Sort, search and find you project in no time.

User administration

Manage exactly which users who has access to project and specify a their role per project.


Add your projects floorplans to the project and use them within the tasks, to show exactly where a task is located.


Enable or disable the commissioning module and specify exactly which commissioning tools you need per project.

Anonymous comments

Activate anonymous comments which will enable special links to tasks, where an external part can write comments without being logged in.

Task email

Activate the Task-email - send emails to the email address, and a task will be created. Or you can comment on existing tasks.

Project email

Activate the Project-email and archive all emails on the project. Just add the email as CC and all mails on the project will stored online.

Import task

Import your spreadsheet/Excel with tasks and they will automatically be added to the project.

Update task from Excel

You can work in the platform and in an Excel in parallel. Just import your Excel-file and the tasks will be updated.

Export project to ZIP

You can export the entire project to a ZIP-file containing all the data - all files and database values.

Delete project

If it's necessary you can delete the entire project with all related information from the platform.


Add unlimited tasks

You can add, edit and manage an unlimited number of tasks within a project.


There are multiple charts available where you can get a quick overview of the tasks.

Custom view

You can view the tasks in many different views - table/spreadsheet, kanban, calendar, gantt, logging, etc.

Edit tasks

All tasks can be edited at any time. Change the status, category, phase, set a color and much more.

Strict logging

All changes to a task is saved in the cloud. You can see exactly who did what and when they did it.

Chat field

All tasks have a chat/dialog field, where all project users can write and respond.

Attach files

You can upload and manage an unlimited number of files per task. When uploading a file to a task, then they will bound together.

Take pictures

Within a task you can take a picture with your mobile device. The picture will be uploaded and a thumbnail will be created.

Draw on pictures

When uploading a picture to a task it is possible to draw on it to highlight certain areas. Use squares, arrows, circles, etc.

Assign tasks

You can assign a task to a project users. The assigned user will be notified and be responsible for the task.

Start and End date

Specify a start and a end date for a task to give it a deadline. The task will now be shown in the gantt chart.

GPS marking

You can use a interactive map to mark exactly where a task is located using GPS.


If a floorplan is uploaded to the project, you can mark exactly where the task is located on the drawing.

Send by mail

When opening a task you can send it by mail with a custom message to all project users.

Quick link copy

Use the quick link to copy a direct link to the task, which can be send by mail or chat to other users.

Sort and filter

Use the advance sorting and filtering function to show only the tasks you need.

Export to Excel

You can export the tasks to an XLSX-file including links to the platform and all attached files.

Export to PDF

You can export the tasks to a PDF-report where pictures and floorplans are shown.

File management

File view

Manage all your files online in an intuitive file-manager specialized to work with as few clicks as possible.

Upload multiple files

Select or drag multiple files at the same time to concurrent upload of the files to save time.

Unpack ZIP-file

If you are uploading a ZIP-file, you can choose to unpack the ZIP file automatically and create a folder structure based on the content.

Folder structure

Add and edit folders or create sub-folders and move them around to personalize it for your project.

Strict logging

Each time a project user is accessing a file this is saved in the database log, so you can track who has viewed your files.

Access restrictions

You can per-user define if they have access to upload files to a specific folder, to see the files in a folder, or has no access.

Access logging

Each time a users access rights is changed, it is saved in the database log who changed the access and what access the user now has.


Use the advance search function to search across all folders and sub-folders to find just the file you need.

File icons

In the file-manager special file icons are used to instantly show what kind of file it is, PDF, XLSX, IFC, etc.


You can upload new revisions and versions of a file, and you can at anytime download the old versions.

File history

Everything related to a file is logged, so open to the file-log to view the history.

Download files

You can download files individually or select multiple files and download them in a ZIP-file.

3D BIM viewer

BIM viewer

All users has access to CxPlanner's full 3D BIM viewer which shows 3D models in the browser.

Clipping tool

We support advanced features such as the clipping tool. Just click on the model and start scrolling, and your model will be clipped.

Fast on mobile

When using our 3D BIM viewer we optimize your IFC models size with up to 95% (e.g. from file size 200MB to 10MB). This makes the model quick to load on mobile and desktop.

Walk in model (FPS)

Use the FPS walking utility to simulate walking in the model. Activate it by a click and then navigate with your keyboard.

Combine models

It is often needed to combine multiple IFC models into 1 single model. Activate or deactivate a specific model in the sidebar.

Control objects

You have full control over the objects in the model. Click on a object to get the details or to hide it.

Notes & Annotations

You can do online review of the model. Click on a object and attach an annotation and a notes.


Select two places in the model to perform a strict measurement between the objects.


The 3D BIM viewer works across all devices and will automatically adjust to fit the screen.


Schedule task

Schedule all the tasks on the project. Set a start date and end to visualize it in the Gantt view.

Dynamic move

Drag the tasks with your mouse for a fast planning. Tasks can be dragged in time and dropped upon parents to make groups.


Assign all the dependencies you know from Microsoft MS Project. Use Start-to-Finish, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish and Finish-to-Start.

Responsive zoom

User defined zooming level. View the project in quarters or zoom in and view a day divided into hours.


Working in weekends? No problem, just enable the weekend planning, which will allow you to schedule task within the weekend.


Use the resource management view to see how much work each person from the project is scheduled to perform.

Import MS Project

Use our native importer of MS Project XML files to include your MS Project planning. Just import the file.

Export to MS Project

Export your Gantt data to MS Project XML files. This allows you to import your full Gantt diagram to MS Project.

Export to XLSX

Export your Gantt data to Excel spreadsheets (XLSX). After working in the spreadsheets, just reimport the data to update your tasks.

Review of documents

Interactive Review

You can choose any of the PDF documents in the project start a review process. All review comments can be assigned to a project user.

Draw on documents

You draw on the documents to mark exactly where a review comment is located. Use arrows, circles and squares to mark the place.

Comment and mark

Each review comment is connected to the marking on the PDF. You can either navigate in the comments or the marking for seamless overview.

Quick thumbnails

A thumbnail for each page is available in the sidebar, so you can quickly navigate through the document.

Search for text

All the text in the documents are searchable and can be found. Just hit 'Ctrl+f' and start typing your search parameters.

Color indication

When a comment has been resolved the marking in the PDF will change to green to give a visual overview.

Test paradigms

Quality control

The structure of the test paradigms is based on the commissioning process to ensure a valid and controlled test process


Make your test paradigm which is adjusted to your installation. Define your test criteria and test elements.

Drag and drop

When creating your test paradigm you can drag and drop the test elements around to a quick development process.


Set prerequisites for each test item - require a photo, a file or a file to be uploaded.

Assign to person

You can assign either a full test paradigm or single test items to a specific user.

Import test

You can import your own test paradigms or use the predefined test paradigms for inspiration. Just click import and choose the test paradigm.


Create your own test templates. You can keep them private or share them with colleagues in your company or request to share them with the public.

Meta data

Add all needed information about the test before or during the test. Add the participants, GPS coordinates, location, category, etc.

Attach files

You can upload files used in the test paradigm such as functional descriptions or diagram and access them during the test.

Approved, Failed, N/A

Each test item shall be handled. Either mark the item as approved, failed or not relevant.

Export to Excel

You can export the test paradigm/report to an XLSX-file which includes all the items and pictures.

Export to PDF

You can export the test paradigm/report to a PDF-report with all the items and pictures.

New observations

If you are spotting a deviation during a test it is always possible to add it as a task. Either write some text or take a picture.

Test details

You can add detailed test description containing the purpose, the used tools and possible risks during the test.

Mail reports

After performing a test, just use 2 clicks to send a PDF report to the project participants.

Test overview

Dynamic test overview

The test overview is built around an online and dynamic spreadsheet which can quickly be updated during meetings.

Keep track of everything

Use the test overview to keep track of everything - from the specific installations to site visits.


You can change the name of columns and if you don't need a column, then just hide it from the view.

Multi edit

The test overview allows you to mark multiple cells and change them at the same time. Use the predefined colors or text or insert your own text.

Sort and filter

The normal features from Excel is available - just double click to sort a column or you can choose to filter specific values.


Use the builtin search function to quickly find the specific installation you looking for.

Organizational chart

View all project users

The organizational chart shows all the assigned project users with picture, name and email.


If a users position changes during a project, you can just drag and drop the person around in the dynamic view.


You can at anytime restructure the organizational chart to fit the current assignments in the project.

Profile page

Update you profile

At your profile page you can update your name, password, language etc. to suite your needs.

Dashboard settings

Adjust your personal dashboard by enabling and disabling info and charts on your main dashboard or on the project specific dashboards.

Email notifications

Enable or disable the email notifications. You can enable a weekly email which includes all the tasks, where you are assigned.


You can upload a profile picture and in the browser crop and cut it. Everyone on the platform will see this picture, when you answer on a task.


The enhance security it is possible to enable 2 factor authentication. This feature will connect a 2FA app on your mobile to your profile.

Log all out

A failsafe feature is available, where you can log out on all of your devices with 1 single click.

Notebooks and notes

Personal notes

You can collect all of your personal notes in your personal notebooks. Create an unlimited number of notebooks.

Project notes

Each project has an assigned notebook, where you can create and save project notes, e.g. minute of meetings.

Onenote view

You can view all the notebooks you have access to, personal and project where you have access, in a structures onenote overview.

To-do lists


The to-do lists gives you a simple and efficient tool to structure your tasks. Quickly add a new to-do item to your to-do lists.

Multiple to-do lists

You can an unlimited number of to-do lists which fit your need. Create one for personal items, for daily control, etc.

Drag and drop

The to-do lists are dynamic. This means you can drag and drop the items around and with 1 click and new items to the lists.