New features and updates

Hurray Hurray Hurray!!

We have been looking forward to this post - which will be another for us to show you the new features and updates in Cx Planner.

If we were going to post all the updates on our LinkedIn (yes - you should follow us) it would become way too bloated.

So we decided to move the updates to our blog! And remember if you have any whishes or suggestions for new features, please let us know!

Bulk edit test templates

The commissioning and quality assurance templates has been updated.

You can now bulk edit the test items (edit many at the same time). E.g. update multiple items to require a photo at the same time.

Zooming in 3D models

The zooming function in the BIM 3D viewer has been updated.

When you are zooming by scrolling, the zoom will follow your mouse cursor for more precise zooming.

This is called Map Controls - just like Google Maps and other map services.

Mail notifications: Files

Another cool feature to keep track on files within projects.

Enable the notifications for either a daily or weekly update on the files in your projects.

An email with summary on new files and new version will be sent to you. You get 1 mail with a summary for all you projects!

Link: Enable notifications

Auto play of videos in tasks

When you are hovering (mouse over) a video in the task dialog field, the video will auto play!

This fits into our strategy which focuses on using as few mouse clicks as possible!

Ready for more news? We have many new presents for you in our pipeline.

Thomas Toftgaard Jarløv
- Cx Planner, Founder & CEO