About CxPlanner

CxPlanner is part of the company Commissioning ApS, which has Denmark's most skilled commissioning specialists attached. We can therefore offer online commissioning, where control, test, QA and more are closely integrated.

Founder of CxPlanner, Thomas T. Jarløv, is a commissioning expert and has written the book A Practical Guide to the Commissioning Process and developed the danish wikipedia about commissioning.

We are in favor of practical and operational solutions where all of the project participants can communicate easily. In addition, we have smart test paradigms, so you can easily and quickly test your installations according to ASHRAE G0, ASHRAE STD202, etc.

All our solutions have been tested with commissioning teams, contractors, design teams and O&M staff - you therefore get a product that works and involves everyone in the construction process in an easy way.

The book about the commissioning process

Management tool

CxPlanner was developed as a result of the need to manage and monitor multiple projects at the same time.

The need for a dynamic project management tool that could complement everyday work became clear to the founder, Thomas.

Thomas knows how challenging it is to manage projects since he has worked as an electrician, engineering consultant, commissioning consultant and now works with quality management of many major construction projects.

Profile of Thomas CEO

More than projects

Thomas is a specialist in construction projects, so we started the development of CxPlanner with a focus on solving challenges in the construction industry.

We quickly discovered that CxPlanner gave the opportunity to solve more project management problems in the software development industry, than we had initially assumed.

The further development of CxPlanner was therefore extended to include several project tools, including Kanban, Gantt, To-do lists, notes, etc.